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The Stayfitt team dreams of everyone finding more balance in their life and becoming happier through exercise. This is why we have created a platform that can help businesses, the state and educational projects put this task into practice. Stayfitt takes over all the work of implementing healthy initiatives, making it easier for you to manage and track statistics.

Our scientific approach, careful attitude to health and innovative data management all combine to make Stayfitt the number one expert platform in Russia for involving people in a healthier lifestyle.


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Changing the culture in companies

At Stayfitt, we believe that a healthy corporate culture can completely change the life of the company. Regardless of the field you operate in, Stayfitt will help introduce a conscious approach to health and activity, uniting the team and instilling new values.

Команда Stayfitt

Приложение создано и развивается командами I Love Supersport и InSkill
Максим Журило
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Ованнес Амирбекян
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Client Service
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